The Revolution


Our Mission
It’s simple really: let the artists be heard and allow the fans to keep LSTNIN. We want to help usher in a new era within the music industry, and we need your help. Forget about the fractions of a penny these corporate streaming sites offer, forget about signing your soul away, and start thinking about the future. We want you to get what you deserve for your blood, sweat, and tears.

The Revolution starts in Asheville
Asheville, being a city full of artists and entrepreneurs seemed like the perfect jumping-off point for us here at LSTNIN. We want to help foster the free spirit and thirst for experience that permeates throughout the city, while bringing those same values with us as we launch in cities across the country.

LSTNIN was chosen to participate in the Music Business Startup Spotlight at SXSW, and we rocked it. Artists, fans and industry members alike were blown away by the platform and the potential benefits it can offer the people.

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