April B. & The Cool

USA // Asheville, NC



Formed in the bitter cold winter of 2015 as the backing band for April B.’s senior capstone project, April B. & The Cool are taking the Southeast by storm, one venue at a time. Having already played Greenville and Spartanburg’s largest street festivals, including Artisphere, Spring Fling, and Fall for Greenville, this band, in a short time, has garnered an incredibly loyal fanbase that keeps their shows lively and packed.

About the music:

It’s not exactly rock. It’s not straight-ahead jazz. And it’s surely not your average R&B. But it’s definitely Cool.

Cool, like the way April Bennett plays around with the verses in her songs, teasing out a line or getting lost in a rapturous moment. Cool, like the way her guitar sketches out a skeletal melody for her to mess around with, leaving plenty of space around the notes to improvise and groove.

Cool, like the way her skin-tight band responds to every nuance of her songs like a human heartbeat, rising to meet her voice or laying back to let her do her thing.

Then there’s that smile when she gets to a certain line, a turn of phrase that catches her ear. Her eyes closed, she’s somewhere else for a few seconds, and then she’s back- bringing that emotion, that joy, that heartbreak, that stolen moment of ecstasy between two lovers.

It’s like some smoky, sensual brand of poetry set to music, a lithe, ever-unfolding mix of genres that never lands in one place for too long.

That’s what you’ll hear on her debut EP, “The Sidechick Chronicles: Thanks A Lot, Mr. Scott”. On this record, released on April 26, 2017, April B. & The Cool will tell you about secret love, denial, bliss, and abandon over undeniably hip, seamlessly danceable beats.

April B. & The Cool is a soulful concoction of heavy and light and rock and funk and jazz and folk and everything in between. We mean hypnotic; we mean casting a spell over an audience that will leave them on their feet cheering or stunned into rapturous silence.

We mean “cool,” like April B. and her kickass band.

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