USA // Iowa City, IA



Aseethe, the doom trio of Brian Barr (guitar, vocals, synth), Eric Diercks (drums, samples), and Danny Barr (bass, vocals), has a singular emphasis on crushing doom that utilizes space and repetition, taking a tip from drone music.

Since Aseethe’s inception, the band has been a favorite of other musicians and toured/shared bills with the likes of The Body, Northless, Inter Arma, Thou, and Bell Witch, and they’ll be playing Midnite Communion IV in November with Cough, Hell, Destroy Judas, and Funerary, to name a few. Aseethe was recently picked up by Hexagram Booking and is working on a fall tour around Midnite Communion IV. Aseethe has released splits with Ghaust, Shores of the Tundra, and Mauul; Reverent Burden, a 12-inch; Red Horizon, a 12-inch that was a reworking of a Barn Owl track; the improvisational album Burdens II, and the EP Nothing Left, Nothing Gained.

Band Members
Brian Barr – Guitar / Vox
Eric Diercks – Drums / Samples
Noah Koester – Bass / Vox

Past Members:
Danny Barr – Bass / Vox
Kevin Ehardt-Hansen – Synth / Samples / Vox
Drew Bissell – Bass / Synth / Vox


Agency Ethan McCarthy of Hexagram Booking


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