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USA // Asheville, NC



BACK SOUTH is a trio that hails from Asheville North Carolina in the ancient mountain territory of the Cherokee Native Americans.  The rich musical heritage of the area has been the ground for Back South to bridges many southern music styles ranging from Bluegrass and Old Tyme with hints of Spiritual Gospel on the beat of Rock and Blues.

Each song on the new record BackSouth NC, is fired up with Todd Cecil’s unique approach to playing homemade cigar box instruments with a picking style inspired by old Blues masters but taken to a new area. With Mike Fore’s powerhouse electric blues HARMONICA & JUICE HARP and Scott Harte’s heavy driven DRUMS, the trio energized performances always get crowds moving.

Back South performs steadily throughout the southeastern United States with short tours on the West Coast and yearly shows in Europe with concentrations in France and Spain. In 2017, the band intends to expand their performances with tour dates to include more areas of the US and other Countries.

The band is currently kicking up smoke with the just released full-length album entitled BACK SOUTH, NC. The professional recording includes 12 full length songs recorded in studios in both Asheville and Nashville, as well as some basement and hotel room tracks. The record is laced with many tales with such tracks as DARK RAMBLER- a song about a witch hunt in the woods, and BACK SOUTH – the story of a man during a war trying to get back south to the promised land and the woman he left there. Perhaps one of the most unique tracks is a song called ZYDECO HALLIE AND THE ALLIGATOR MOON about a hermit woman living in the swamp with the gators. She is rich and keeps her gold in the ground and when thieves come to steal the gold, the gators make a meal of them.



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