USA // Washington, DC



Rock. Blues. Funk. Shred. Sax.

Bencoolen is no longer the band you know from their first EPs. The band has grown around a new lineup, toured, and rehearsed more than ever including booking major shows with Marcus King, Big Something, and at Firefly Music Festival. “Spotlight” was the introduction to their new wave. “The Crown” continues it in a recent release. The band is already touring relentlessly to save up toward another single and a full length recording project in the Summer of 2018. Ask anyone who has seen this lineup live. Bencoolen is tighter, raunchier, and more energetic with every passing show and logged 54 shows in 2017 alone.

One No Depression writer described Bencoolen’s live act as, “Everything I had hoped for. Their enthusiasm and energy filled the room as the crowd looked on, filling up the venue with a prominent and boisterous vibrancy.”

Band Members:
Teddy Scott – Guitar…
Jack Bentsen – Alto Saxophone…
Paul Gregg – Vocals/Guitar…
Ben Suarez – Bass…
Will Lockery – Drums

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