Blue Dragons

USA // Asheville, NC



Eddie Dewey – Guitar, harp, vocals

Eddie was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  He began playing music at 15 years old with drummer Chris Zion. He and his wife, Kristan, moved to Asheville in 2000. Eddie met James and Sara at a jam where they would collaborate annually to enjoy friends and music. Natural chemistry encouraged him to start a band in 2008 with, old friend and drummer, Chris Zion,  former guitar player, Clarke Browne, James Fisher and Sara Judy. Eddie is a songwriter at heart but when asked what his favorite thing about music is he says, “its all about playing improvised music and getting lost as a band”.

 Sara Judy – Lead Singer

“Held as a baby by The Man in Black, Johnny Cash himself, Sara was put on God’s green earth to perform….the rest is just gravy!” Bassist, JF

Sara spent over seventeen years working professionally across the U.S. as an Actor, Singer and Dancer; her background ranges from theatre, to film and television.  She settled down with husband, Bob Judy, in Asheville where she ran into The Blue Dragons, an experimental folk and rock band. As front women for the Dragons she brings her love of diva soul and blues to the edge of the stage and beyond!

 James Fisher – Bassist, vocals

Originally from Washington, DC, James (‘though everyone just calls him Fish) started playing in bands at 13. While his main instrument for song writing and casual jamming is guitar, the bass won him over early on. “I lock into the rhythm section of whatever music I  am seeing, although a good melody makes the song!”, says Fisher. After moving to Asheville in ’95 with his (now) wife Kate, Fish started playing locally right away. “I was in several projects, playing out, and ended up in an established band called American Gothic-kind of a Southern rock meets mainstream rock thing. Lots of good gigs!” Fish then played with the Junkadelics (later Soapbox) from ’99 to ’05, recording with those talented folks, including Bill Melanson. And now Bill has produced the first recording from The Blue Dragons, an EP called “5”. “I am so lucky to have met these folks! Everyone is bringing songs and ideas in, we are playing out to fun crowds – what else could you possibly want?”.

 Jeff Mooney – Lead Guitar

Jeff grew up in Birmingham Alabama and began playing lead guitar andsinging in jam-style cover bands in the late 80’s while attending college. He continued playing live music in the Birmingham area and around the

Southeast up until 2007 when his real job brought him and his family to the Asheville area.  He met Eddie Dewey through mutual friends and was invited to sit in on an early Blue Dragons practice session in the lair.  When Clarke decided to take life seriously and leave the band in 2009, Jeff got the call and said yes without hesitation.  Jeff has spent a lot of time studying music theory and guitar technique and really enjoys mastering challenging musical pieces and striving for that perfect guitar tone.

 Christopher Zion – Drums

Christopher, raised in Charlotte, NC, has been playing music since he was 5; however, his musical journey began at the age of 15 years old when he formed his first band with longtime friend, and current fellow bandmate, Eddie Dewey. Christopher’s style is steeped in classic rock drummers Keith Moon, Neil Peart, and Jon Bonham and sweetened in his later years by his love of improvisational groove. His unorthodox style of play blends organic improvisation with industrial groove to add depth and color to the Dragon sound.



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