Cat and Crow

USA // Asheville, NC



Cat and Crow is an Asheville-based duo comprised of talented singer-songwriters Scott Stetson and Bethany Harper Forward. Scott, originally from Rochester NY, brings intense, soulful guitar licks and smart lyrics to the group dynamic, and Bethany’s sweet vocals and steady rhythm guitar compliment Scott’s lyrics and leads like a cool breeze on a hot day. Bluegrass and country ruled the world in Bethany’s hometown in West Virginia, and she brings that love of strong storytelling and clear melodies into her own style. Scott’s blues, punk, and Alt Country influences give an energy and angst to his style that leaves you wanting more. The two artists met while camping with their own families and what has become their extended family, an eclectic group of vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts known as The Full Moon Bus Club. While they have both been in other bands (and Scott is currently a member of Asheville rock band, The Dirty Badgers) they are in love with the sound of Cat & Crow and are excited to travel on this new musical journey together.

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