Doctor Ocular

USA // Johnson City, TN



After spontaneously jamming at a holiday party at the end of 2016, four friends took the winter to write and play, debuting their original brand of jam rock the following April. Blending synth and guitar with drum and bass, Doctor Ocular sets original melodies and arrangements of covers with vibes from jamtronica, acid jazz, synth-pop, and roots-rock.

After spending the summer writing about experiences that range from future conceptual currency to simply hitting the ESC Button, Doctor Ocular is ready to show off their debut studio album, “Hippocratic Toast” on January 20! They also have plans of dropping a “secret” live album at an undisclosed time in early 2018, so stay tuned for a long-list of creative home-grown tunes that are sure to get you through the day!

Bass – Nick Castro
Drums – Austin Herron
Keys – Zachary Ross
Guitar – Rodney Doughty


Agency Rodney Doughty


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