USA // Asheville, NC



Some people write music, others create their own universe.

For Asheville based producer and multi-instrumentalist David Krantz, the latter is a way of life.

Through a futuristic blend of bass-heavy dance music, jazz-driven harmonies, and contemplative downtempo dreamscapes, David skillfully and playfully weaves a highly personal sound that truly defies classification. Traversing a wide range of tempos and genres, his versatility is bolstered by creative sound design, acoustic instrumentation, and crisp production.

Futexture has released music through Gravitas Recordings, Bluetech’s Critical Beats for the Climate, Afro Monk Records, Circuitree Records, Forward Thinking Sounds, and Kalya Scintilla’s Merkaba Records.

With influences from Dave Brubeck to Dave Tipper, Futexture’s music transcends the typical barriers between electronic and traditional composition. Exceptional command over detail, depth of expression, and the ability to perform in a multitude of settings has earned this 24 year old producer accolades from some of the most respected minds in forward thinking electronic music.


Email futexture@gmail.com

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