Hit Dogs

USA // Asheville, NC



Born from late night jams and drawing from diverse influences – the focus is recording and performing engaging songs with hard hitting kick-ins. Hit Dogs is a Space Rock | Power Trio featuring tight arrangements and well-crafted riffs.

While not taking things too seriously, a goal for the band is to challenge the listener. Formed in 2016 with first album release, self titled “Hit Dogs” in 2017.

After their premier live show at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC on November 16, 2017, they are in the process of booking regional shows for 2018.

Hit Dogs offer a tight, dynamic live performance. Vocals range from breathy cool to heavy rock saturation. Ward’s guitar playing shows inventiveness and solos soar. Millsapps’ polyrhythms on drums are expertly crafted and explosive. Lindsey’s bass counterpunches well as the linchpin.

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