Jack Donovan

USA // New Orleans, LA



Jack Donovan sings and plays guitar. Has a perfect arch. Knows a chicken dish. Offers you a G&T. On grainy video from 2009, he vomited off the Brooklyn Bridge in early light, falling snow. Slipped on seaweed and cracked a tailbone at Wolfe’s Neck. Camel Lights, baby? Once, at a bazaar, he ate a whole fried chicken.
Jack Donovan, also of New Orleans/New York based Museyroom, drives a Camry (Goldie Hawn). Tore palms on Claiborne Ave. Ain’t never mowed a lawn. He writes songs. Said “Have a great night!” 70 times a day on the corner of East 16th Street and Union Square West. Became a man for others a few blocks away. Released his first solo EP, “Alabama Snow” in 2017. Loves a good melody. Kills bugs with the heel of his hand.
Jack Donovan lay his body in a stream in the Hudson Highlands. Was greeted by his neighbors with “Blow ‘n Snow!” echoing off the brownstones of 7th Avenue. Could’ve been an olympic swimmer. Counts his Greenboys, starting with his thumb. Awaits the release of his second solo EP “Another City Sunrise” in winter 2018. Scrambles eggs. Walking from 122nd Street to 57th Street through the park after midnight- flasks, dark chocolate, off leash, bitten lip, a single photograph. He lives with his girlfriend and dog. Knows one shrimp dish. While a violin sang a few paces away and there was candlelight, wine- perhaps a rose relieved of its petals- he purred, “These same chords write all mainstream pop…”
Jack Donovan played the saxophone. Never forgets a face. Was surprised by Jason Sudeikis in the man’s own home. Recites the stages of early childhood development to hungry-eyed mothers. “You’ve got one of those…. Trust Me smiles.” On some summer days in 2013, he blew bubbles on the Hudson River. Saved a dog from drowning in Pratt’s Brook. He and his girlfriend are still unsure if what they saw while holding hands in the upstairs of Mimi’s In the Marigny on the night of February 20th, 2012 were quite real or simply a vision.


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