Jared & The Mill

USA // Phoenix, AZ



We’re Jared & The Mill. We all come from the desert city of Phoenix, Arizona, a home we really love. We’re pretty much always on tour, and the past couple of years we’ve shared the road with one another, other bands, and opened for groups we dig and look up to. We’ve written and released music together and gone from a local band stoked to play anywhere that would have us to a seasoned road dog of a band that somehow still loves the hell out of each other. We’ve gone through thick and thin together, and we’ve been lucky to garner what we think are possibly the best fans a band could ever have. We like to think we make everyone feel welcome and bonded with the people we’ve put them in a room with for the night. Our shows are a rowdy helluva good time and we literally dare you not to enjoy it.

Our music has been called a lot of things (lately we’ve been digging ‘western indie rock’) but whatever you call it, we love sharing it with you and hope our songs make you feel like you’re not alone. We’ve been super lucky as an independent band to get as far as we have, and we have a long road ahead. Our new record should be releasing in 2018 and we’re damn proud of it. We hope you come to a show, have a drink, dance with your friends, listen to these tunes and make them a part your life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening.

We’ll see you out there,

Jared & The Mill.


Agency Alex Fang of New Frontier Touring

Email afang@newfrontiertouring.com

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