Les Amis

USA // Asheville, NC



Les Amis is an Asheville, NC-based band made up of some people who live in Asheville. Most of them weren’t born here. When these people play music together they generally play their interpretation of West African music. They play music together and they are friends. Sometimes other people play music with them. They call these people “the friends” as well. One might remember that from a French class or some international film you saw that the words “les amis” are French for “the friends.” All of these people get together to play live dance music for other people to dance to, or dance with. The Les Amis people also play music with other people. Two of them play music with a band called Toubab Krewe. Two of them play music with a band called Zansa. One of them plays with the a band called the AED (Asheville Ecstatic Dance) Ensemble. Together they are Les Amis.



Email zansamusic@gmail.com

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