Mr. Mange

USA // Asheville, NC



Mr. Mange formed in 2014 in a now demolished warehouse when these four decided to explore the realms of sound together. These sessions molded into what later became the big janky soundscape they inhabit now. With twists and spirals, sometimes there’s a bouncy dark carnival feel, sometimes it’s driving and colossal.

Words like indie, rock and alternative get thrown around in modern music in too vague a fashion, but at their heart invoke the epitome of newness and originality. These terms are a much better way to describe the powerhouse of sound that Mr. Mange brings to the table. Founded on the basis of a swirling variety of influences, Mr. Mange brings a sound as fresh as the band itself.

One thing is clear about Kyle Macgargle(rhythm guitar/vox) Allen Hawkins(lead guitar) Zac Merrill(bass guitar) and Brandon Davis(drums/BGV’s), they have caught more than attention, and whatever it is, it’s contagious.



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