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Starting in the early 90s, while attending parties in NY thrown by NASA and other early innovator’s events, I found my way into the electronic music scene when it was all just called “Techno”. Steering into this new dimension of EBM and finding direction amongst the partying I was introduced to the method of performance in the ways of Technics turntables.

Buying into this new sport I started collecting records of every type and made the hellish decision to become a DJ. After taking on the basics and learning to beat match I started honing in on a specific gene to play which at the time was hard acid techno in the ways of Chris Liberator and the Stay UP Forever label. Never veering to far from the overall love of electronic beat music I continued to collect all genres even until today.

Under the guise “The Mighty Mezz” I entered the DJ world playing at a few spots around Philadelphia. Eventually, with some friends we threw our first event in 1997 called “The Gathering” in a private loft in Philly. From there we grew into a collective, the now defunct FESP Productions, and continued to throw events in NY, various spots in CT, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA, Houston, TX, Miami, FL and more up until around 2010.

After deciding to retire as a promoter/DJ but never quitting collecting those shiny black discs the industry called me back and I began to play out again for the fun of it. Now, having joined Vinyl Revisions, a vinyl only DJ collective and productions company, I’ve begun to branch out and start the promotion game all over again. Not seeking fame and glory but to present fun and honest music I would like to continue to perform and promote events with like minded artists, producers, and promoters.

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