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Polly Panic is frontwoman and creator Jenette Mackie on cello,vocals and loopstation, and recently added drummer and poet Caleb Beissert. Jenette has lived all around the country and Polly Panic has had different drummers, but Caleb is the strongest yet, bringing poetry to the sounds. Jenette is also a member of the esteemed and groundbreaking cello rock band Rasputina. She went on the national “Thanks for the Ether” reunion tour and will be touring more in 2019, which allows her to focus on Polly Panic this year.

Jenette formed Polly Panic in 2006, and outside of living in South America and thinking she had quit Polly Panic for about 2 years, she has been faithfully writing, playing either solo or with a drummer ever since. To date she has 3 releases, “Painkiller”(2006), “Fragment”(2012), and now “Losing Form”(2018). Her goals outside of living life to the best of her ability and raising her 6 month old son Ash, She strives to build her music up so that she can concentrate on it fully, rather than juggling it around part time jobs. The fall brings shopping the album to labels and touring with some festivals included.

Jenette knows that “Losing Form”, is her strongest album yet, with influences ranging from Rasputina (of course), to Tom Waits, to Nirvana. . While the members of Polly Panic prepare for the fall, the music has already been featured on Asheville FM, and they will be interviewed and reviewed in Unsweetened magazine, just to start. “Losing Form” (as well as other albums) are available on bandcamp or at pollypanicmusic.com., and will soon be on all streaming platforms.


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