Richard Lloyd

USA // Chattanooga, TN



Richard previously played guitar for the band Television.

He is currently playing and touring with Terry Clouse on Bass, Jeff Brakebill on Drums and Jason NeSmith on Guitar and vocals.

I’m just like you. You are just like me, but neither of us know it. This makes for significant problems.

I am an electric guitarist who makes records and tours. I never have initiated any “small talk”.

I never initiate conversations about things outside my purview. I have NO interest in politics, sports, or current events. I don’t care if the world falls apart or not. I do not think Man is above Nature but part of it. therefore man cannot injure the Earth or the Cosmic Balance, but only ruin himself and soil his own nest.

I do not gossip, and my sense of humor, while strong, is as dry as a Martini on Mars.


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