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Sarah Shook & The Disarmers is a country band with a sneer, a bite, and no apologies. Shook’s original songs take on relationships gone wrong, bad decisions, cruel ironies, and excessive alcohol consumption for damn good reasons. Songs with self-explanatory self-deprecation, “Fuck Up”, tangled in with a portrayal of a doomed relationship dripping with sarcasm,”The Nail”, are bastioned by the subtleties of a bar patron considering taking a chance on a stranger in title track, “Sidelong”.
When Shook’s first band, Sarah Shook & The Devil, broke up after a solid three year plus run, Shook and her guitarist, Eric Peterson, continued to meet, practice, and plan. In late 2013 they put together brief stint called The Dirty Hands which ended after a handful of shows. The project they were looking for soon arrived with the addition of former Two Dollar Pistols’ frontman, John Howie Jr., as drummer.
With the much welcomed addition of Aaron Oliva on upright bass and Phil Sullivan on pedal steel, this outlaw country band/ machine that is Sarah Shook & the Disarmers is hittin’ the ground running in 2017.  Check out our tour dates, holler at us on the social media stuff, and we’ll see ya on the road.  #letsparty


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