Scott Kendrick

USA // Asheville, NC



Awesome about sums me up. I love to play guitar. I could not go one day without it. I feel the music run though me like blood runs through my veins. I’m also a writer, and when I added these two talents together. It made one hell of a combination. Also, there’s no one in this world I’d rather jam with than Blake Kelley, Richard Doe, Adam Hill, Cody Ford, and Mike Warknock. Because they know where the music really is. I like women and strictly women. I’ve seen too many people come and go. Obtained lots of friends. Felt love. Been cheated on. My mind always reaches toward answers, though they usually come out ugly and painful. The good answers are truly a blessing. It’s the people around me that make my story, The places I’ve been, and the love.

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