Shiloh Hill

USA // Greensboro, NC



Layering traditional folk instruments over a rock band rhythm section, Shiloh Hill brings a smooth and infectious energy to the scene.  The dance-worthy grooves mingle with hometown banjo, turning the stage into a front porch, where front man Nick Hofstetter and his wife Mamie weave stories in harmony.  Their winsome, family-band style ensures great fun and even better friends.

“Wildflower” is the title of their newest album, which finds its breezy folk-pop ditties splashed with colorful accents of brass and glockenspiel. Shiloh Hill just recently returned to their home state of North Carolina from their month-long album release tour promoting their debut album.

Band Members
Nick Hofstetter
Mamie Hofstetter
Julian Jackson
Maz Kennedy
Jacob Kuhn


Agency Nick Wes

Phone 336-653-9869


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