The Creation Factory

USA // Los Angeles, CA



Channeling the sounds of 1960s psychedelic beats, the Los Angeles-based five-piece isn’t just making music—”we’re capturing the sort of sounds that people don’t hear anymore,” says front man Shane Stots—it’s creating an experience. “We’re bringing sounds back from the grave, maybe better than they were before,” Stots, who’s also a member of L.A. rock group the Mystic Braves, says—and he’s not kidding. The group uses authentic 1960s gear (and an era-appropriate look) to create blues-inflected rock designed to get a crowd’s feet moving.

Band Members
Neil Soiland – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Gabe Pacheco – Rhythm Guitar
Shane Stots – Bass/Vocals
Iggy Gonzalez – Drums/Vocals
Glenn Brigman – Organ
Justin Smith – Tambourine
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