The Doghouse Band

USA // Candler, NC



The Doghouse Band began playing for the love of music and has remained true with carrying out the bluegrass heritage that was brought to the Appalachian Mountains years ago. The band is rooted in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Candler, NC. Life stories along with tradition can be heard through the soulful lyrics in the original music written by many of the members.

We have been playing bluegrass standards and originals since 1976. We are a 39-year overnight success! Randy, Eddie and Walter, along with the late Mike Moore, began playing together when they were at Western Carolina University. We have grown to add friends and family over the years, and play festivals, shows, private events and benefits.

We were friends and family before we were playing music together, and would still be hanging out with each other even if we weren’t musicians. It makes a difference playing music with people you love, and playing for the love of the music. As Ernie and Walter like to say, we play for free, we just get paid to travel.

The original harmony from 39 years ago can still be heard through the vocals of Doug, Ernie, Walter, Randy and Jim alongside the heartbeat of Walter’s bass, the runs of Eddie’s guitar and the pep of Jeff’s banjo. The added compliments given by the smooth mandolin solo of Jim or the melody of Mike’s fiddle, a certain mood is created, one discovered early on and refined over four decades of history.


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