The Fumblebuckers




The story of The Fumblebuckers began on a farm deep within the bowels of Macon County TN during a party celebrating the 2016 spring equinox. It all happened as two unsuspecting old friends and bandmates from Kansas, Alan Benest and Colter Keck, serendipitously crossed paths with Tennessee’s own Charlie South. It was “love at first strum” as they linked up and epic jams were birthed from their instruments. They spent the entire weekend playing together and quickly became aware that something new and wonderful and ugly had been born. They had become…The Fumblebuckers.

Now the story continues, as they have spent the last year practically inseparable, crafting their own unique blend of “String Breakin’ Whiskey Spillin’ Psychedelic Bluegrass” filled with tales of woe, tragedy, and longing (and plenty of bad jokes and laughs as well).

With their brand new 11 track self-produced debut album “Hungover and Layin’ Around” in hand, they are now ready to take their wonderful and ugly banjo music on the road. So keep an eye out, you don’t miss them when they come get weird in a town near you!

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