The Spiral

USA // Asheville, NC



Rad friends rocking out in the spirit of alternative rock.

The Spiral started as a bedroom recording project in the fall of 2013. Later that year it became clear that the project’s direction was headed to a full piece rock band. So like minded friends were brought in, they began to write songs as a whole, and the results were The Spiral. They have since been known to throw down some heavy, wired and melodious rock shows, breaking strings, lying on the floor and dancing in the crowd.

“We all have differing influences that seep into our unique styles that meld back together for a sound of contrasting genres that just work. The result is reminiscent of the 90’s underground and indie scene.

Being a part of something is what it is all about. And we love being a part of Asheville and it’s music scene. We are happy to put on high energy rock shows with friends and for everyone out there. Reaching out and helping one another to achieve our goals and express ourselves, That is why we do this.”

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