Aggressive Chemistry

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Aggressive Chemistry (Andrew Thelston) (2/15/19 Release)

    Andrew Thelston is one of the hardest working, talented and intelligent artists in the Asheville area.  His work ethic has him fronting a power rock trio, often performing solo, running Ginger Bird Studios, which recently had Dirty Soul Revival laying down tracks, and operating the Clever Dog Record Label with Daniel Nesbit.  His talent is clear from his self-titled solo studio album and his live performances with the band or solo. Finally, his intelligence is plainly evident from previous songs he has produced and is once again demonstrated in his latest single “Aggressive Chemistry.”

    While it would be easy to think that the title refers to the ill effects of an ingested substance, it really highlights something just as insidious: the realities of personal relationships in today’s technological world.  Showcasing his education and prowess with electronic music and instruments, Aggressive Chemistry begins with a synthesizer setting the beat and representing the technology of today. The first verse illustrates the mad and angry person looking for a release often found in the drug of social media.  It is the chorus which explains our attraction, “aggressive chemistry is tangled up in my mind . . . telling me what I do is fine.” The song continues with an expression of remorse felt by the addicted. One of the best parts of the song is the bridge that follows with first a symbolic switch to all acoustic and then onto a killer guitar segment by Andrew.  It illustrates the story perfectly and is a powerful message to all of us who are tempted to rely upon technology for our interactions with other people.

    Aggressive Chemistry is all Andrew, with him writing, playing and recording it all himself, and it is a true representation of the many qualities we mentioned above that he has as a musician.

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