The Power – July 22, 2018

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The Power at The Grey Eagle

The Power, a rock/pop trio, based out of Asheville, NC, has been busy this summer with releasing a new album on June 8, hosting an album release party at The Sly Grog Lounge, shooting a new video, opening for one of doo wop’s legends, Shannon & The Clams, at The Grey Eagle and writing  a ton of new songs in preparation for heading back into the studio this fall.  Somehow, they found some time to sit down and talk with us about how they came together, how they manage songwriting with one of their members living out of town and a couple of other cool things such as Elliott’s superhero alter ego.  The Power is a great group of musicians that clearly love playing music together as well as the music they make together, so take a listen.

The photo you see here is from The Power’s show at the Grey Eagle on July 21, 2018.  Thank you Joshua Marc Levy for providing such a great photo.

00:33 – Lainey discusses how she became a musician and her father’s influences upon her.

02:18 – Elliott discusses his early musical teachings.

04:20 – Brandon laments that no one in his family was musically inclined, but his Grandpa introduced him to the banjo.

05:30 – All the band members talk about where they grew up before coming to Asheville.

06:15 – Brandon sets forth his faulty recollection of how The Power was formed.

06:57 – Lainey explains the real and true story of how The Power was first formed.

08:44 – The band talk about their first terrible show at the old Sly Grog Lounge.

10:40 – The band members discuss the songwriting roles.

11:25 – Elliott reveals he has a superhero alter ego “School Boy Cube Master” and its origin.

12:33 – Lainey reveals her secret about the drum machine she uses when composing music.

13:15 – The band discusses their new EP, song selection, collaboration and practice.

17:38 – The band talks about shooting their new video.

19:03 – The band discusses getting new material out to fans.

21:00 – The band talks about the sound of The Power and how variety rules.

24:20 – The band talks about the Grey Eagle show and how Shannon described their performance as tight.

27:15 – The band describes the set selection for their gig at The Grey Eagle.

29:54 – The band talks about their future plans for recording and touring.






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